Létám Veselá Romantická I. věk Epická

(Flying High)

Falešné společenstvo Composed 2015 Recorded 2016


fotografie: Michal Kára

After Beren together with Lúthien obtained the Silmaril from Morgoth's crown, they must flee Angband. By it's very gates they run into the werewolf Carcharoth. Beren tries to force the werewolf away using the Silmaril, which soon enough proves to be a wrong thing to do - the beast bites his hand clean-off, the Jewel included. The situation is dire indeed - Beren on verge of unconsciousness and enemies close behind, when suddenly the Eagles appear. This sometimes happens in Middle-Earth, you know. The Eagles came by three, guided by Huan the wolfhound's plea, and were led by Thorondor himself. The Eagles then carry Beren and Lúthien to Doriath and into safety.

First part of this song that was finished was a jazz-y sounding guitar theme, with different authors for both melody and harmony - only lyrics remained to be written for this to be a song. After a short while, it reached me and my ears in particular, mere moments before I went to the Netherlands by plane. And thus, inspired by the flight, air-travel in general, I knew just right where to place this tune in the story and what the lyrics should be about. The music itself is light-hearted and the only light-hearted actors in the whole story are, of course, the Eagles. Eagles go above (this was my first draft of a line, ultimately left unused). First verse was written while going to the airport, the rest of the song in the airplane itself.

Daniela, (translation: Bardě)

The accompaniment of this song is heavily inspired by Karel Plíhal's album "Nebe počká" ("Heaven can wait"). I had no idea as to where the lyricis will place the music in the story, now I cannot imagine it being placed anywhere else.


Huan, a friend from Valinor,
request air-support for his friends,
roger-roger, I’ll fly to pick up his friends
who are at Angband.


Beren and Lúthien Song Cycle

(contains 24 songs, of which 20 on CD Beren and Lúthien, 2 only here on the website Songs of Middle-earth, 2 not yet recorded)


Authors of music

Vojtěch Domin Vojtěch Domin

Eliška Nejedlá Eliška Nejedlá

Author of lyrics

Daniela Binderová Daniela Binderová


Music: Vojtěch Domin, Eliška Nejedlá, lyrics: Daniela Binderová
Recorded in JM Studio (www.hudebnistudio.cz) in May and June 2016
Song cycle: Beren and Lúthien
classical guitar, jazz guitar: Vojtěch Domin
lead voice of Thorondor: Daniela Binderová
finger snaps: David Beneš
guitar parts arrangement: Vojtěch Domin
mix and mastering: Vlastimil Červenka