Vrbová země Teskná Tragická Elfská I. věk

(The Land of Willows)

Pád Gondolinu Composed 1985 Recorded 4. - 5. 5. 2019


This song is a dirge, sung by the last surviving elves of Gondolin. Through the secret path between the mountains, tears in their eyes, they are walking away and the ruins of their homes are burning behind them. Once so beautiful and proud, the city of Gondolin fell due to unfulfilled love and buried in rubble was everything that once seemed to last forever - safety, certainty, fame and hope. On the path to the willow-trees the mourning procession strode. Wise in their silence, trees comforted the fear and revoked the refugees’ will to move on, despite the fact that the ones they loved will stay alive now only in their memories.

Fallon/ Bardě

The original lyrics by Alex Lewis:

The Land of Willows


D                 G                    D 

Nan Tathren wanes with the years

A                          Hmi

Weeping, weeping willows

D         G         D

Sirion runs very clear


Washing our tears away



But those who died


And the good that was lost


Always remind me


Of flowers in the frost

            G                A            G   A

We will fade, we will fail, fade away

            G                A            G   A

We will fade, we will fail, fade away

           D A          D

To the sea, to the sea


Nan Tathren keeps all her grief

Weeping, weeping willows

Running to hide like a thief

Drowning our woes away


But those who died... as above


Nan Tathren ghost in the vale

Weeping, weeping willows

Gondolin memories fail

Now they are lost to me


But those who died... as above


Authors of music

Alex Lewis Alex Lewis

Daniela Binderová Daniela Binderová

Vojtěch Domin Vojtěch Domin

Authors of lyrics

Alex Lewis Alex Lewis

Petr Bohdan Petr Bohdan


original music and lyrics: Alex Lewis
translation: Petr Bohdan (Bóža)
song cycle: The Fall of Gondolin (Pád Gondolinu)
recorded: 4. – 5. 5. 2019

melodic guitar: Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
backing guitar: Blanka Salmonová (Fallon)
whistle: Michal Kára (Lemming)
alto flute: Josef Plch (Timbo)
choir: Eliška Nejedlá (Elsa), Jana Pažoutová, Blanka Salmonová (Fallon), Zuzana Ottová (Polly), Josef Plch (Timbo), Petr Bohdan (Bóža), Daniela Binderová, Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
triangle and rainstick: Blanka Salmonová (Fallon)

instrumental arrangement: Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
mix and mastering: Vlastimil Červenka