Lorgan Píseň lidí I. věk Epická


Pád Gondolinu Composed 1985 Recorded 4. - 5. 5. 2019


The opening song of The Fall of Gondolin tells the story of childhood and youth of Tuor, son of Huor from Hador's house, who in the future becomes a chosen hero.

After Huor fell in the Battle of Unnumbered Tears, his pregnant wife Rían, mad with grief, fled to the wilderness to seek him. Grey elves who still dwelled in Hithlum found her and helped her survive. Soon after she gave birth to her son Tuor at the end of the Year of Lamentation, she left the child in care of Annael, the chieftain of Sindar, and soon after passed away. When the life in Hithlum became too dangerous for the elves, they tried to go south, but they were ambushed by a troop of Easterlings who had settled in the country. Young Tuor fell into captivity and had to serve as a thrall to Lorgan, chief of Easterlings. After some years he managed to escape and lived as a lonely outlaw in his father's land. Wandering perilously through the county, he was trying to find a hidden elven gate he knew of from his foster father, for he had not seen any hope for the future in his life as outlaw.

Jana Pažoutová/ Bardě

The original lyrics by Alex Lewis:


             Emi                  Ami

I was born in the Year of Lamentation

            Emi      Hmi

It seems such is my life

            Emi      Ami

Never knowing the mother that bore me

H                     H7

Lord of a scattered tribe



Easterlings, Easterlings


Grasping all we owned


Ten to one, they captured me


Bound and dragged me home


             G         D

Lorgan, I shall escape you

            G         D

Lorgan, wait for the day to

C          Emi

Lorgan, making you pay, too —


Outlawed in my lands


I slew all his guards in the woods together

Three years patience paid

Never catch me, the dogs won’t let you

The fastest friends I made

Easterlings, Easterlings

Grasping for a ghost

Rushing all around of me

They will never know


Lorgan, I shall escape you... as above

Dwelt alone in the caverns of the elves

Four years on the run

Outlaw, price is on my head

Never time enough

Easterlings, Easterlings

Grasping but thin air

Wild man in the houseless hills

Bedmate with dispair


Lorgan, I shall escape you... as above


Author of music

Alex Lewis Alex Lewis

Authors of lyrics

Alex Lewis Alex Lewis

Michal Kára Michal Kára


original music and lyrics: Alex Lewis
translation: Michal Kára (Lemming)
song cycle: The Fall of Gondolin (Pád Gondolinu)
recorded: 4. – 5. 5. 2019

acoustic guitars: Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
electric guitar: MIDI
voice of Tuor: Petr Bohdan (Bóža)
choir: Eliška Nejedlá (Elsa), Blanka Salmonová (Fallon), Jana Pažoutová, Daniela Binderová, Josef Plch (Timbo), Zuzana Ottová (Polly), Michal Kára (Lemming)
cajon: Michal Kára (Lemming)

instrumental arrangement: Vojtěch Domin (Bardě)
mix and mastering: Vlastimil Červenka