O trpaslících, elfech a dámské přízni Veselá Trpasličí III. věk

(Of the dwarves, the elves and the ladies favor)

Hlasy Středozemě Composed 2014 Recorded 2015

The town of Dale was indeed a real crossroad of the nations of Middle-Earth throughout its history. Primarily built by men, the purpose of the town was to trade with the nearby neighbours - dwarves of Erebor. Then there is the Woodlands Realm of the Elvenking Thranduil; even the Sylvan elves were intend to doing business with the town.

Those three races - men, dwarves and elves - were allways culturally different from each other. In this song, we are about to look at one of the many situations, in which those differencies 'surfaced'.

Další verze

Nahrávka z TC 2015 Informace
Nahráno 2015

Živá nahrávka z koncertu Hlasů Středozemě na Tolkienconu 2015

Laeg Mortemir - zpěv (a tanec :)
Vojta 'Bardě' Domin - kytara
Katka Schwarzerová - housle
Aho - kytara (mezihra)
Elsa - agogo 

Nahráli a nahrávku poskytli: Lennonka a Stevko

Live recording of The Voices of Middle-Earth performance at TolkienCon 2015, Prague

Laeg Mortemir - solo vocal (dance-bonus :)
Vojta 'Barde' Domin - guitar
Katka Schwarzerova - violin
Aho - guitar (interlude)
Elsa - agogo 

Recorded and permitted by: Lennonka a Stevko

Authors of music

Kateřina Schwarzerová Kateřina Schwarzerová

Aho Aho

Author of lyrics

Kateřina Schwarzerová Kateřina Schwarzerová


Laeg vai Eledar - leading vocal
Vojta Bardě Domin
 - leading guitar
Kateřina Schwarzerová - violin 

recorded at JM Studio 2016 
mastering V. Červenka