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Especially for all of our not Czech speaking friends we made some basic tranlation of this web. Thanks to Hanka Kopecká and Lemming who helped us with the translation.

You can read the information about the authors and bands in English version now and also the menu and all the controls are translated.

However, most of the songs are written / recorded in Czech, but there are also some in English or Quenya. If you want to filter the songs of concrete language, please go to the Songlist and set the desired language in the filter like this:

Language filter

Even for Czech songs there are names translated in the song detail page and the same for bandnames. May be we will also provide a rough translation of the song's lyrics during the time for the favourite songs.

If you have any ideas for improving the English version of the web, please contact the web admin (see Contacts page).

Enjoy the web!

(project coordinator) 

 Special thanks to Hanka Kopecká and Lemming for the help with tranlation!