Tom Bombadil Veselá III. věk

Composed 2000 Recorded 2-11.2019


Tom Bombadil is undoubtedly one of the most mysterious characters in The Lord of the Rings. Master of wood, water and hill, Iarwain Ben-Adar, as the Eldars call him, has unknown origins and is probably the eldest creature in Middle-earth. He lives in the Old Forest with his beloved Goldberry, walking, weeding and singing. It is in fact his singing voice echoing in the forest that Frodo and Sam hear just before meeting him for the first time. The voice is glad and the song, which contains some funny nonsensical phrases, is a genuine celebration of nature and of its beauty. This is how I have imagined Tom Bombadil’s song.

Illustration: Andrea Piparo, Tom Bombadil


Tom Bombadil

Hey oh! Jolly mol! Bring a bong billo!
Sing a song! Come along, under the willow!
Tom Bom, merry Tom, Tom Bombadillo!

Hey! You jolly mol! Merry mol! My dear love!
Fair is the summer breeze like a milk-white dove.
Down below under the mound, kissed by the sunbeams,
Waiting at the window in the golden evenings,
There my lovely lady is, river water’s daughter,
Slim as the beechen leaves, purer than the water.

Lo Tom Bombadil water-clovers holding
Comes merrily home again. Don't you hear him singing? (x2)

Hey! Oh jolly mol! Dilly dally dally-oh,
Goldberry, Goldberry, happy fragrant marigold!
Big old cherry birch, never hide your roots from me!
Tom’s in a great haste, Evening is chasing me.

Tom’s getting back home again water-clovers holding.
Hey! Come dally mol! Don't you hear me singing? (x2)

Come along, my special friends, up the narrow river!
Tom is rushing by to prepare the dinner.
Don't you see the glowing light of the setting sun?
When the darkness closes in, you'll be safe at home,
While Queen of Light will be dancing under the moon.

Don't fear walnuts or the aging oak!
Don't be afraid of boughs! Tom is here to guide you.
Hey now! Happy mol! I’ll be waiting for you!
Hey! You jolly mol! Come along, my hearties!
Hobbits! Everyone! We love big parties.
Now shall we have some fun? Sing along with me!

Now a new song begins! Let us praise nature our mother
The sky, sun, stream and pool and the mighty river,
Dew on the buds in bloom, light as a feather,
Breeze on the grassy fields, rustling ivy and heather,
Swans gliding over ponds, willows by the water:
Bless Tom Bombadil and the water's daughter!


Author of song

Glindar Glindar


Glindar - voice, guitar, mandolin, percussion
Floriana Moiseenco - flute
Sandra Mrozowska - violin

From Echoes from Middle-Earth,
released 4th November 2019