The Song of the Inn Veselá Parodická Hobití III. věk

Composed 2000 Recorded 2-11.2019


When lodging at the Prancing Pony, Frodo shows his great performer’s skills as he sings the funny song about “a merry old inn” invented by Bilbo. The song is full of bizarre figures such as the Man in the Moon who comes down just to taste the special beer brewed in the inn, a cat who can play the fiddle, and a dancing cow.

Bilbo’s song definitely appeals to the guests’ tastes as their loud applauses and request for a second performance reveal. Writing the lyrics and creating the arrangement for my version of the song was real fun, and this is definitely the song that I like playing live most.

Illustration: John Howe, An Unexpected Party


The Song of the Inn

I've heard about a cheerful inn
not far away from here,
Where you can find a beer so good
That the Man in the Moon did all he could
to drink this famous beer.

The landlord owns a funny cat
that plays the double bass
And up and down he moves his paws,
And mews aloud without a pause
then drinks another glass.

The owner has a tiny dog
that loves to play mean tricks
While guests are tipsy and having fun,
He pulls a leg at everyone
and makes them almost trip.

They also have a curious cow
as vain as any lass;
Music drives her slightly mad,
And makes her twist and turn her head
and roll upon the grass.

They told me that the plates they have
are wonderful indeed!
On feast days there’s a special set.
It really impresses every guest
Who comes with greater speed.

The Man in the Moon was almost drunk,
the dog began to grin;
When everyone danced all around,
The cow in the yard mooed aloud,
the cat began to spin.

The Man in the Moon refilled his mug,
and fell without a cry;
And there he slept and dreamed of Mars,
Until the sun replaced the stars,
and brighter was the sky.

Then the owner sighed to his lovely cat:
‘The bright mares of the Moon
Are waiting quite impatiently
But their master sleeps so soundly,
And the Sun will be up very soon!’

So the cat now began to play “My Little Dorothy”,
a song that would wake a steed:
He mewed and then he fastened the tune,
When the ostler cried to the Man in the Moon:
“It’s almost dawn indeed!”

They took the Man as far as the hill
and pushed him to the Moon,
His mares rode at the speed of light,
the cow mooed with all its might,
the owner wished it was noon.

Now the cat played faster his bass;
the dog began to whine,
The cow began to stand on two legs;
The guests woke up, ate two eggs
and asked for a bottle of wine.

All of a sudden the music was over
the cow was over the Moon,
the owner was happy as people had fun,
gave the cat a cinnamon bun
without a serving spoon.

The Moon went beyond the hill,
the sun by now was up.
She couldn't believe her flaming eyes:
Though it was dawn, what a surprise
She couldn't wake them up!


Author of song

Glindar Glindar


Glindar - voice, guitar, mandolin, percussion
Sandra Mrozowska - violin

From Echoes from Middle-Earth,
released 4th November 2019