The Song of Gollum Veselá Hobití III. věk

Composed 2000 Recorded 2-11.2019


“Riddle” is probably the word that best suits the character of Smeagol-Gollum, a member of the hobbit family of the Stoors who becomes victim of the terrible power of Sauron’s ring. Unpredictable and scheming, Gollum ends up playing an important role in Frodo and Sam’s quest. His intentions are pretty evident since his first encounter with Frodo and yet his true self remains largely unknown.

Dissonant elecric guitars and a violin playing “hysteric” tunes are the main voices in my song about Gollum inspired by the riddle that he “croaks in a sort of song” (to use Tolkien’s expression) when he is about to cross the marshes with Frodo and Sam. Can you solve the riddle included in my lyrics?

Illustration: Andrea Piparo, Gollum 


The Song of Gollum

The bleak dry lands
That squeeze our hands
They hurt our feet.
The massive stones
Look like old thrones
They're no nice seat.

But brooks and streams
Are fresh and cleans
So good for feet!
They are no deceit.

Invisible like death
Really noisy is my breath
Never drinking ever running
Dressed in leaves never crying.
Rests on bare field,
Thinks a shield
Is a pillow;
Clasps a willow
In a blast of air.
Challenge it don't dare!
What a nice feeling!
We only stray
To catch a prey.
Can it be healing?


Author of song

Glindar Glindar


Glindar - voice, guitars, percussion
Sandra Mrozowska - violin

From Echoes from Middle-Earth
released 4th November 2019