Yanwë Lindamen

Yanwë Lindamen

His real name is Karel Řežábek and he composed music for many Tolkien inspired songs, mostly to Laisi Finwen's lyrics. He also recorded many of them with the music band Filia.

He discovered the world of Tolkien during one of summer camps organized by Laisi Finwen and since then he attended a lot of them. He reveals more at his webpages 3pe.cz:

I am lucky that my work is same as my mission (since 1992 I am pastor at Christian Community on Pilsen). I preach, teach, lecture and I also prepare radio broadcasts. I am interested in music (I play, sing, compose, translate and record music). I enjoy writing books, but up to now I wrote just three of them. In my spare time I walk, run, work out in a gym, climb rocks, ride bike and canoe and participate in geocaching. I also like playing table tennis and taking photographs (I am not very good at neither, just an enthusiast).

My Quenia name is YANWE LINDAMEN. I like it very much, because it reflects who I feel to be. Yanwe means "a connecting link" or "a bridge" and a Lindamen "The one who brings message through a song".


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