Arwen Oslavná Elfská III. věk

Poetické společenstvo Composed před 1995 Recorded 2013


This song was conceived when Katka was bored during an expo brigade-work and so she passed her time by composing a song about Arwen. Today we can say that the brigade was well worth it :-)

Text (translation from Czech original)

People of this valley, now listen, listen to my song.
You'll be both joyful and grieved to hear that Elrond will marry his daughter.

"She is like dusk, you could say," thus speak those who have seen her face.
Like a bright star in Imladris is the shine of Arwen Udomiel.

She's so alike to Lúthien, whose beauty lit ancient Middle-earth
How fortunate is the man whom she has pledged her faithful love.


Now the sun has risen again and the fourth age came, the age of Men
No one else than Elessar, the new king, has won her heart.


And although she took an oath to stay when we leave ports in the white ship,
Her memory will live forever in the Undying Lands beyond the Sea.

Chorus with last half repeated.


Author of song

Katka Garcia Katka Garcia


Katka Garcia - leading vocal
Katerina Schwarzerová - vocal, harp, guitar, composition of instrumental parts
Petr Bohdan - vocal
Aho - vocal

recorded at JM Studio 2012-2013 
mastering V. Červenka