Interesting references

  • SPDPJRRT - Czech J. R. R. Tolkien Society
  • Poetické společenstvo (Poetic Fellowship) - web of the band
  • Falešné společenstvo (False Fellowship) - web of the band
  • Písně z larpů (LARP Songs) - web with fantasy songs
  • Straky na vrbě - publisher of (mostly) S&F literature, editor of an amazing songbook 
  • - webdesigner of these pages
  • Tokiencon - annual con of J.R.R.T. fans (+ reference to facebook TC)
  • Niënor Níniel - Fanfilm / clip based on Niënor Níniel song and The Children of Húrin book
  • JM Studio - favourite recording studio, cradle of many songs in this Songs of Middle-earth project
  • Born of Hope - we follow Arathorn and Gilraen, the parents of Aragorn, from their first meeting through a turbulent time in their people's history. The independent Lord of the Rings prequel that has swept the internet with more than 1.5 million views.

Materials, songbooks, CDs ...

Tolkienist composition leaves a footprints not only in the hearts of the listeners but also on several paper, music and data media. We try to collect references to interesting (mostly Czech) sources of such media here, but we are not able to manage the delivery of them. It is even not sure if they are still available at all. In case of interest you have to contact the sources directly and make terms with them. 

Zpěvník Písně ze StředozeměAlmost complete songbook of Poetické společenstvo (Poetic Fellowship) and some hosted authors. This unprecedented (at least in Czech republic) work was created by effort of many Tolkien music fans including the song authors and it was published by Straky na Vrbě publisher. Let's citate the publisher: "The most crazy project of J.R.R.T. Society, hardback, coated paper, about 90 original ilustrations. Most of the songs are original Czech composition, and also some Tolkien's texts with original music."

find the songbook here

Obálka CD Fëanor a jeho synovéThe first CD of  Falešné společenstvo (False Fellowship) of name Fëanor a jeho synové (Fëanor and his sons) based on same cycle performed on Tolkiencon 2010. It consists of 12 fundamental songs of the cycle recorded in studio with total length of 45 minutes.

find the CD here 


CD Hra na hrdinyThe first official CD of elven bard Laeg Mortemir named Hra na hrdiny (Role-playing game), released in 2010, with 6 songs + 1 bonus song. Recorded in studio quality.

find the CD here 

CD Báje v násAfter the release of the first Laeg's CD some listeners stated, that it is to short, which was one of the reasons to work on the next one. It was created after relatively short time and it's name is "Báje v nás" (Myth in Us). It is notably longer, consists of 9 songs and one bonus song with total length over 20 minutes. Recorded in studio quality. 

find the CD here