New songs by Daniela Binderova


New songs Sláva Númenoru (Glory of Numenor) and Námořní objevy (Nautical Discoveries) were added on the web. You can also find new studio record of favourite Minas Tirith song and new mix of Písnička z údolí (Song from the Valley).

Spring recording at JM Studio bring new songs by Daniela Binderova. Sláva Númenoru (Glory of Numenor) is probably the most complex and challenging piece created for our project, so it is really noteworthy. Námořní objevy (Nautical Discoveries) is also very nice new song.

You can also listen to the new version of favourite song Minas Tirith with harp, flute and male vocals and new mix of Písnička z údolí (Song from the Valley).

Pleasant listening!


English version of the web


Especially for all of our not Czech speaking friends we made some basic tranlation of this web.

You can read the information about the authors and bands in English version now and also the menu and all the controls are translated.

However, most of the songs are written / recorded in Czech, but there are also some in English or Quenya. If you want to filter the songs of concrete language, please go to the Songlist and set the desired language in the filter like this:

Language filter

Even for Czech songs there are names translated in the song detail page and the same for bandnames. May be we will also provide a rough translation of the song's lyrics during the time for the favourite songs.

If you have any ideas for improving the English version of the web, please contact the web admin (see Contacts page).

Enjoy the web!

(project coordinator) 


Nine new songs


Eagerly awaited results of spring recording in studio are there - you can find brand new songs of Poetic and False Fellowships.

Although it seemed there nothing happened this spring, the opposite was true. Recording of new songs of False and Poetic Fellowships took place in HM Studio under the direction of V. Cervenka. The result of really hard work is (so far) a number of new songs by Daniela Binderova, Petr Bohdan, Katka Garcia, Lemming and Katerina Schwarzerova.

You can listen to the new songs directly on home page of the web or you can follow these links:

That's not all, we are planning next songs such as Sláva Númenoru (Glory of Númenor), Námořní objevy (Nautical  Discoveries) and new studio version Minas Tirith.

Enjoy the songs and additional 25 minutes of Radio Middle-earth playing time.