She started writing songs inspired by Tolkien when she was a teenager and she wrote a lot of them. First on her own, later as a member of False Fellowship. One of her songs has inspired fan movie Niënor Níniel.

She studies psychology and in addition to interest in music and poetry she creates historical costumes and she is also interested in ancient religions.

This is her answer to the question "How you got to Tolkien and Tolkien inspired music?":

My own way to Tolkien began in 2001, when I was looking for new players to play Dungeons and Dragons with me. I have met several people from LARP groups Ameba and Agara. Then came the first Lord of the Rings movie and then in the spring my first LARP battle - Quenta Silmarillion. I have quickly fallen for Toliken fantasy. But since beginning more than Lord of the Rings I liked stories from the First age, elves and the style of Silmarillion - somewhere between mythology and a history book.

First two years of my "LARP career" were the most intense, I attented to a lot of events, met many new people and these were the times when I wrote most of my Tolkien inspired songs. People and Tolkien's stories were a great inspiration to me and I tried to express by poetry what was in my mind then. Because I could not play any musical instrument and even almost forgot music theory including the notation, my songs were created "on the fly", mostly when I was walking in the nature. A melody appeared in my head and I either just used it for some already existing poem or, sometimes, the lyrics appeared with the melody. Because of this, I made lot of corrections and modifications to the songs later or sometimes I even forgot the melody and had to recreate it.

I formally joined False Fellowship in the year 2007, when we were preparing musical performance about Aredhel, which was first performed at Tolkiencon 2008. But I was already in contact with False Fellowship members for several years before - we had in common our enthusiasm for Poetic Fellowship songs and creating new songs in the same spirit. My union with False Fellowship helped my songs to gain final shape - they were written down by Daniela and Lemming and they also got guitar chords. One of my songs got on a movie screen in the fan movie Niënor Níniel. I currently do not participate in performances performed by False Fellowship, but I still feel to be its member and maybe some day I will make a come back.