Poetic Musical Fellowship


This year's second session at studio has brought us eight new recordings, as well as a new musical community has been born!

In entire history of our project, this has been 10th studio session, making a little anniversary. At studio, Kateřina Schwarzerová, Katka Garcia, Doubravka Burianová, Petr Bohdan, Vojta Bardě Domin, Aho met together with guest musician and sound master Vlastík Červenka. The result is following eight songs mainly from Poetic Fellowship archives (yet some waiting for studio recording for over a 20 years), few are new:

Collaboration on this session has in the end resulted to a creation of a new formal musical grouping named Poetic Musical Fellowship. As the name suggests, it is straight reincarnation of a former Poetic Fellowship, whose musical heritage PMF maintains and develops. However, contrary to PF, PFM is more focused on music (less theatre, more music). Hopes are that time will bring us more of PF songs reborn, as well as some new pieces.

Poetické Hudební Společenstvo

You could listen to new recordings either from above links, from main page or tune Radio Middle-Earth and wait for them to come in playlist.

Together with first session this year (The Flight of the Noldor) we have 13 new songs, let's enjoy listening! :)