New songs are here!


Approximately one month after the first tones were presented in the studio this spring, there are nine brand-new recordings of Middle-earth songs.

Yes, now Eliska and all other organizers and co-creators of the project can smile :), because we have another addition to the site. And not just a little, nine new songs with a total length of more than 30 minutes.

  • Ai! Laurië lantar
  • Nienor
  • Tirion
  • Nan Elmoth
  • Tar Míriel
  • Útěk do Rómenny (Escape to Romenna)
  • Eolovo putování (Eol's Journey
  • Pláněmi (Across the Plains)
  • Zamilovaný hobit (Hobbit in Love)


The best way to here them is to visit the home page, where you can find them among the new songs. Enjoy!