Songs of Middle-earth on Spotify and iTunes


You can listen to most of our songs also on Spotify and iTunes.

Progress cannot be stopped even in Middle-earth. And because the classic media, and especially the drives on which it would be possible to play them, are almost things of the past and the format of Radio Middle-earth on our website no longer fully suits a wide range of all the new devices, we are adding more channels where you can listen to our songs.

Písně Středozemě na Spotify a iTunes

The attentive visitor to the site must have noticed the new icons in the left column next to the News heading, the most important of which are the new two in green and red. These are the most common services Spotify and iTunes (or Apple music), but you can also find us on some others streaming services.

So far, we have managed to place a large part of the songs on the new channels and more will be added gradually. The main advantage is their association within individual albums and cycles, if they are part of them. Unfortunately, due to copyrights, we cannot publish some songs on these channels (especially those with original lyrics by J.R.R. Tolkien). Fortunately, it is a significant minority.

So nice listening wherever you find our Middle-earth songs!