Nils H.

Nils H.

Co-founder of the Fauns, multiinstrumentalist, singer. He met Tolkien's world, similarly as his older brother Jan, when parents read them Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. He started performing music early just "since he got material to work on".

But ask Nils some questions too:

How dou you find an inspiration?
By chance, nature and life.

What music and music styles do you like?
Progressive rock, classics and renaissance, folk and metal; I definitively  also understand certain natural phenomena like bird songs, water or wind sounds as music ...

What is your civil work?
Desaster area: construction and deconstruction and either ways in circles… 

Why do you write music?
Music is life, life is music ...

Is something special about you?
I´ve heard about the individual life, but there is nothing especial about the "individual" style, so I just pretend to be myself. 


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