Kirsten M.

Kirsten M.

Kirsten started playing grandparents' violin when she was nine and from that time devoted herself to music. Later during her acadamic works she discovered Tolkien's world and met with other Fauns members. These circumstances (fortunately for the listeners) predestined her future musical course.

But let's ask Kirsten for more details.

How and when did you start with music?
My grandparents had an old violin hanging on the wall. It used to belong to my great-grandfather and had only one string left. My grandmother asked me if I should like to learn and I said yes - I was nine and didn't realize that meant I would have to practice every week… 

How and when did you meet the Tolkien’s work and world?
Pretty late: My sister told me I had better read the Lord of the Rings before the movies would come out. But I also came into contact with Tolkien's academic works at university, and later I had a Quenya study group with some friends. That's where I first met most of my future bandmates, actually. 

What music and music styles do you like?
I like homemade music of all kinds, especially when it's some sort of energetic and creative fusion of the traditional and the modern.

Why do you write music, lyrics, songs?
I don't often write songs, but when I do it's to pull the band just a tiny little bit into my musical direction. :-) 

What is you civil work?
I'm a freelance translator of literature and I teach German as a foreign language. More to the point, though, I study and teach English medieval language and literature, which is probably the reason why I react with utter incredulity when people talk about our music (or clothes) as being "medieval". Trust me, there's nothing medieval about us. I know what I'm talking about. :-) 


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