Jan-Peer H.

Jan-Peer H.

He started playing classical guitar at the age of eight with the express intention of playing in a band. And around the same time Jan's parents read Tolkien's books to him. These two basic facts itself may indicate further course of events. By the way, Jan is one of the co-founders of the Fauns.

Jan's musical tastes are rather diverse, but he'd say his main area is rock music, especially when it incorporates influences from other genres, like lots of progressive or 'underground' bands from the late 60s/early 70s did. He finds his inspiration by just "playing along on the guitar and seeing what happens". And then when Jan find interesting chords or melodies, he likes to turn them into something finished, a song or piece of music. He also like, in his words, the feeling of creating something, whether live or in recording.

In civil life Jan is engaged in reading and writing about medieval literature.


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